Need a Wake-Up Call Service in Vancouver?

You need to get out of bed!

Seriously — we get it — life happens. Whether you stayed out too late at the Shebeen, you binge-watched The 100 until 3:00 in the morning, or you just have a plain-old hard time getting out of bed, our Wake Up Call Service is the answer to getting where you need to go on time.

The truth is, not everybody can jump out of bed at the sound of their alarm without pressing the snooze button. We all have “please, just five more minutes!” kind of mornings. With our service, rather than the sound of an alarm (that of course we’ve grown to hate!), you awaken to the sound of a phone call. It’s almost like having a friend that calls just to be sure you’re getting on your feet each morning. Better Wake Up Call will make sure you can get up early, get up promptly, and all-around get up better. (Though we do give you plenty of snooze callbacks if you need then too.)

Your Logic Puzzle Wake Up Call Service!

The most important part of waking up on time in the morning, is actually being awake when you turn off the alarm! You’ll never miss another dawn jog in Stanley Park thanks to Better Wake Up Call’s different types of logical puzzles and challenge questions. Ranging in difficulty, (but not too hard if that’s not for you), we’ve found completing a wake-up challenge question to disable an alarm helps make sure your brain is really on and ready to embark on your busy day.

Better still, since Better Wake-Up Call is a recurring wake-up call service, you can set your alarm once and forget it. Whether you needed a wake-up call on weekdays only, Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, or some other combination, our scheduler has got you covered. Schedule a recurring wake-up call from any web-browser, and we’ll keep calling when you need us. Never mess-up another alarm!

Thanks Mike Benna for the great background photo!

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