Wake-Up In Canada Easy

Whether you’re visiting Montreal and the Quebec, CA province for some the best poutine in the world, with a trip to the Barbie Expo planned for the kids, or you’re a Montreal local who needs to get to work on-time at Bell Canada, the morning comes fast and you need to wake-up on-time!

Luckily you’ve found our wake-up call service and can kiss your old, annoying, unreliable alarm goodbye. No more confusing AM with PM after a long night at Club Unity. No more worrying about accidentally turning off your phones alarm when you meant to hit the snooze button.

Recurring Wake-Up Calls

Our wake-up call service allows you to schedule a recurring call just like you need it. Weekdays, everyday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, once a week, it’s up to you. Go to to bed every night knowing that your alarm will ring when you needed it!

And when the morning comes, if maybe you need just a little more sleep, know our service comes with plenty of snooze calls. We’ll keep ringing you every 9 minutes until you answer. (We try calling you at least 8 times for every alarm you set.)

But we don’t stop there, before our wake-up call service will believe you’re really awake you have to solve one of our challenge questions. You choose the logic puzzle type and difficulty, and we quiz you every call to make sure you’re really awake and ready to take-on the day. Never miss another sunrise at Mount Royal Park with Better Wake-Up Call.

Thanks to Nicolae Rosu for the Montreal winter photo!

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