Why a free wake-up call service isn’t always best

Everyone likes to get a deal when they can. End-of-the-season markdowns on a smart dress or sharp hoodie is always an easy win. Same with getting a great price at the thrift-shop or a tag-sale on a rare album or video-game. Maybe one can even find a really great treasure via the Craigslist Free section, but when it comes to wake-up call services the old truth remains, “There no such thing as a free lunch.”

The trouble with a free wake-up call service

In addition to enabling simple cost-free harassment via the old wake your buddy at 3AM with a wake-up call prank, most free wake-up call services have an opt-out page. And while this is great if your so-called friends are abusing the service, it also lets ANYONE add ANY phone number to the do not call list. While I suppose I don’t have enemies, (I hope) but knowing anyone could add my phone number to the don’t get a call tomorrow list, certainly wouldn’t make me sleep easy. Especially if I had an important meeting tomorrow.

That’s why I use Better Wake-Up Call. While their wake-up call service offers a free 5 day trial, they require you to enter a credit card number to prove you’re a real person who really wants a legitimate wake-up call. Additionally they use Stripe, (these clever credit card nerds) to save your card numbers extra super securely, while ensuring said card is really legit, and not a stolen card from someones “rich Nigerian uncle”.

Better Wake-Up Call has snooze calls!

(Unlike free wake-up call services.) Not everyone wakes-up on the first call. Plus who trusts their cell phone service provider? What if that one and only crucial, free, but oh-so-important call doesn’t go through? With Mr. Free Wake-Up Call Service your screwed, but Better Wake-Up Call has got your back. We’ll call back at least 7 more times if necessary. EVERY TIME!

Lets not forget the easily scheduled recurring alarm calls, something no free service ever offers. Set a wake-up call for one time on weekdays, another time on weekends. Wake-up late on Monday’s and Friday’s and get-up early mid-week, it’s up to you. For as little as $5 a month, schedule once and sleep soundly every night knowing our wake-up call service will keep calling back time after time, day after day, without the fiddling, worry, hassle and annoyance of a so-called “Free wake-up call service”.

Cool background photo by Jorge Vasconez.

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