How It Works

Schedule Your Wake-Up Call Alarm

­Easily set the time for your Better Wake-Up Call using any PC, tablet, or smartphone. We feature an easy to use interface that makes it simple to double check the right time has been scheduled. Find out that meeting’s an hour later and want the time to sleep in? Your phone makes rescheduling a synch from any location.

We call your phone, whether mobile or landline

­Better Wake-Up Call will call any phone in the US or Canada, cellphones and landlines. We keep calling until you answer. We never give up. If we get your voice mail, we’ll call right back in 9 minutes. We’ll never let you sleep through your scheduled wake up time.

Not Awake Yet? No problem. Snooze as long as you need. We’ll keep calling.

­If you need a few minutes to catch up to morning, simply don’t answer the phone, or answer and immediately hang up. We’ll call you back in 9 minutes. Better Wake-Up Call features 7 snooze callbacks after our first failed wake-up attempt. We’ll never forget about you, even if you fall back asleep.

Let Us Know You’re Really Awake

­We don’t take half asleep mumbling for an answer. Better Wake-Up Call makes you do math. Our “Good Morning Wake-Up Challenge” asks a math question just difficult enough that you have to be awake to answer it. We make sure you’re awake and alert so you always make it on time!

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