Our Wake-Up Call Service gets you up On Time, Every Time.

Schedule From Anywhere

Our simple design makes it easy so you don’t screw up an alarm.

Affordable and Reliable

One month of reliability for the price of a coffee shop breakfast.

Our Good Morning Challenge

makes sure you’re fully awake and alert.

Responsibility done easy. Never be late again.

Better Wake-Up Call is simple and dependable.

No more confusing P.M. for A.M. With our recurring wake-up call service, never forget to set the alarm again. Easy to use, set an alarm once from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device, (no app needed) and get to work or class on time. We’ll call any number you specify, including landlines, at any scheduled time and frequency. And for the first 5 days, our wake-up call service is absolutely free. Try it now!

Better Wake-up Call is more reliable than any alarm.

Hit the sleep bar as often as you need, and make accidentally turning off the alarm a thing of the past! Great for heavy sleepers and snooze button repeaters, our wake up call service keeps calling every 9 minutes until you answer the phone.

Our “Good Morning Wake-Up Challenge” makes sure you’re up.

Pick the difficulty that right for you, our challenge questions are as simple or complex as you need them. Always enough to ensure you are awake and ready to tackle the day! (Or not, disable the challenge if you wake easy.) It’s up to you at Better Wake-Up Call. Begin your day on time, every time, with a wake-up call service that never forgets about you. We are as dependable as that first cup of coffee, percolating right on time.

Use it for everything!

Use Better Wake-Up Call to wake-up, set reminders and get chores done, remember important anniversaries, take medication on time. Try our wake-up call service with a 5-day free trial, no commitment. After that, our service costs only $5.99 per month, and is much easier and more reliable than an alarm.

Easy and Affordable

We feature a simple monthly billing plan with no hidden fees so there’s never any hassle. For the price of a coffee and a bagel, we ensure a month of reliability so you’ll never be late again.

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Your first five days are free!
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Never be late again.