College Wake-Up Call

College is an investment in your future.

When you can’t make it to class on time because of a messed up alarm, you’re missing out on your potential. Luckily, Better Wake-Up Call makes getting up so you can get to class on time easier. We’ll call you at a scheduled time, and keep calling until we’re sure you’re awake. If you’ve been wondering how to get to class on time, we’re a simple solution to meeting your responsibilities reliably.

Easy to use, Better Wake-Up Call can be scheduled from any mobile device.

No more confusing A.M. for P.M. Never mess up an alarm. Never oversleep again. We’ll call you at a specified time from any number, including landlines, and we’ll keep calling you until you answer and we’re sure you’re awake. Our wake-up call alarm service is your easy solution for how to get to class on time.

Better Wake-Up Call is more reliable than any alarm, even your phone.

Snooze as often as you want. Simply don’t answer. We’ll keep calling every nine minutes until you reply to our “Good Morning Wakeup Challenge,” a simple math problem. Our wake-up call alarm service makes sure you’re alert and ready to tackle the day. For less than the price of a well-balanced breakfast, we’ll get you to class on time for a month.

Who knew being responsible could be this easy?

Your first five days are free!
Wake Me Up

Never be late again.