Letting your kids grow up is hard, especially as they begin to build their own lives in college.

And they’ll make mistakes, learning responsibility takes practice. Luckily, Better Wake-Up Call makes it easier. We’ll call your student at a scheduled time, and keep calling until we’re sure they’re awake. We’ll help them get to class on time, every time.

Easy to use, Better Wake Up Call can be scheduled from any mobile device.

Your student will never mess up P.M. for A.M., and never miss another alarm. Oversleeping becomes a thing of the past, like wetting the bed. We’ll call them at a specified time from any number, including landlines, and keep calling until they’ve answered and we’re sure they’re awake. Our wake-up call alarm service is a simple solution for how to get to class on time.

Better Wake-Up Call is easier to use than any alarm, even a phone.

If your student loves to snooze, no problem. They don’t have to answer. We’ll keep calling every 9 minutes until they reply to our “Good Morning Wakeup Challenge,” a state capital question or simple math problem, among other options. We’re a better wake-up call alarm service that makes sure your student is alert and ready to tackle the day. For the price of a well-balanced breakfast, we’ll get them to class on time for a month.

To be successful, sometimes you just need a little help.

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