Replace your hotel wake-up call service

So you’ve just checked into your comfy-cozy hotel room, ordered some Dominos Pizza, and are getting ready for that big day tomorrow. Timing is everything and you’ve gotta be up early. It used to be the old go-to for waking early at any quality lodging was the hotels wake-up call service. How things have changed….

No More In-Room Hotel Phones

With traditional hotel in-room telephone use in decline many hotels and motels are taking the next step and simply removing telephone service as one of a rooms provided amenities. The rise of mobile devices means that customers are asking “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” and not “What are the long distance charges?”. With pressure the from both AirBnB rentals and trendy upstart competitors like Aloft vying for the same space traditional hotels are feeling the squeeze. Revenues are reduced across the board and there is less of an ability to charge peak rates during events and traditionally big holidays like New Year’s Eve in New York City. Or graduation weekend in any major college town. [1]

We Start Your Morning Right

So your hotel doesn’t have a wake-up call service, or perhaps you don’t trust the glassy-eyed post-millennial at the front desk to get your 5:30 AM wake-up call just right? What can you do? The easy solution is Better Wake-Up Call, their set it and forget it service can be scheduled from any web-browser. Whether you need a one-off call or a recurring alarm Better Wake-Up Call’s got you covered.

Don’t always wake on the first alarm? Built with heavy sleepers and hard to wake-up folks in-mind, each scheduled call at Better Wake-Up Call comes with a whole bunch of snooze calls. Don’t answer on the first ring? Don’t worry, we’ll call back every 9 minutes for nearly an hour and a half.

Finally to ensure your really awake we ask a challenge question. From our US State Capital quiz, to our Basic and Advanced Math challenges we never take a mumbly half-answered call as a sign your really awake, with our wake-up call service you’ve got to prove it. Have a great night of sleep at your favorite hotel knowing that Better Wake-Up Call with get you up to time, every time!

Matthew Hamilton provided the great hotel room background image, thanks man!

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