4 Reasons Why You Need a Toronto Wake-Up Call Service

Toronto always has something going on! The largest city in Canada (by population) is NOT known as “The city that never sleeps”, but maybe it should be. A world class multicultural business hub, Toronto, Canada is often the forgotten giant. Simply business as usual, as Canada’s more news grabbing cities wrestle with issues like homelessness and trying to keep French relevant. Visitor or local alike, checkout these best of, Toronto only spots, that start early and keep you up, out, and dancing all night long!

Start your Saturday off early!

You have to, or you’ll miss the best stuff at THE farmers market. Known locally as the North Market, as opposed to the South Market which shares the building, and it’s an institution. Established in 1803 the market now runs Saturdays from 5:00 AM – 3:00 PM, but remember you gotta be a early riser to get the best bacon.

Still sleepy, get your caffeine fix at Te Aro, who has as their customer Mike Parr put it, “Some of the best coffee, cappuccino and warm beverages in the city”. A work friendly cafe with lots of seating, (but slow wifi), Te Aro is a great place to meet-up with friends. While Te Aro IS known for its cool environment and great baristas, one can’t go wrong with any of the Pilot Coffee locations.

Check the Toronto night scene.

Rather a nap than coffee? Don’t forget to set an alarm, Tilt Arcade Bar, Toronto’s largest retro arcade bar opens daily at 6 with its 50 plus vintage arcade games and pinball machines. Their selection includes such pinball favorites as Addams Family, and multiplayer arcade classics like NBA Jam, Street Fighter II, Super Offroad, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the venerable Terminator 2. With all games set to FREE PLAY save your quarters but bring your beer money! You won’t want to miss-out on Tilt’s solid beer selection. (Plus they have some pretty savory pub food too.) While they are open late, if you want to bring the kids arrive early, no minors allowed after 8pm.

Did you get that nap yet? You might need it if you’re thinking about rounding out your night with Vertigo Toronto. This after-hours/underground music venue opens late, at 1AM, and is the best in the city! An eclectic crowd, friendly helpful amazing staff, and always great music and sound. As Jen Low on Facebook puts it, “Truly a fire spot in the afterhours scene in Toronto, always a good vibe and dope beats thumping throughout the venue to keep you dancing until dawn.”

How to wake-up easy?

More reliable than a regular alarm, wake-up call’s from Better Wake-Up Call are easily setup from any browser. Schedule daily or weekday recurring alarms. Setup one-time alarms for special appointments, or even schedule for weird recurring weekly wake-up calls with no problem. Always included is a bunch of snooze calls, if you don’t answer immediately. And a challenge question to prove your really awake! Only $5.99 a month insures you’ll never accidentally turn off your alarm again. Get started today and wake-up easy tomorrow with our better wake-up call service!

Zia Syed thanks for the wonderful background photo.

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